Arg karimkhan is located in old part of Shiraz and was a palace of the Karimkhan_Zand this palace have been using as a prison at the Pahlavi`s age and because of that this castle destroyed alittle but know they rebuilt this castle  Shiraz was the capital of Iran before Qajar`s ages and this castle was a main place for the Zandi`s kings  […]

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The Amir_Chakhmakh square is located in Yazd and and knowing as a central square in Yazd and there is a mosque with the same name and it’s also contains a caravanserai,a Tekyeh,a bathhouse, a cold water well and a confectionery   this square had built in the 15th century by Jalal-Al-Din Amir-chakhmaq                Page Break      […]

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Naghshe Jahan square is located in the central part of Isfahan city wich is a mix complex of two mosque the great bazzar and a palace an Area with the garden and a lake wich is one of the best place to visit untill you are In the Isfahan   Page Break      Shah mosque is on of the other mosque in Naghshe jahan square the name of this mosque changed […]

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