The Amir_Chakhmakh square is located in Yazd and and knowing as a central square in Yazd and there is a mosque with the same name and it’s also contains a caravanserai,a Tekyeh,a bathhouse, a cold water well and a confectionery  

this square had built in the 15th century by Jalal-Al-Din Amir-chakhmaq 








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Fahadan this district is one of the oldest part of Yazd city and in the past it was a district for reach people and know this district is one of the best place to visitPage Break 
















Meybod’s Shah abbasi caravanserai is a caravanserai for the Safavi’s ages there are too many stories about who made this caravanserai but in the inscription there is a writing about who creat this and Mirza Muhammad Samie had been knowing as a creator of this caravanserai 
























Narin casstle of Meybod this castle built on Sasaniand dynasties this castle built sometimes between 7000 and 12000 years ago 


























Yazd Jame mosque had been bulit for almost 100 years and 3 ages  

The Sasanians had start building and Teymorians finished the building  

This building is important because of Its the oldest building which made in 9th century 
















Alexander prison or Ziaiie school is located in Yazd and its built in 7th century in Imam village and next to the Baghe-davazdah-Imam and made by Ziaodin-hossein-razi  This prison had made in 1000 years ago 













Dowlat abad garden or four minaret is one of the oldest garden in the Yazd  

Windproof of that minaret with the 33/8 meters is the highest windproof in all around the world this garden had built in 17th century by Mohammad-Taghi-Khan bafghi or (Khan-Bozorg) 




This building has been knowing as a zoroastrians fire temple or (Atash_Bahram) fire temple and the meaning of that is the victorious fire dated to 470 AD completely we have 9 Atash bahram fire temple one of them is located in Iran-Yazd and the others are in India and the one